Health Profiles

Renal Profile

Complete Blood Count Blood Sugar SR.CREATININE Phospharse Calcium Electrolites Urine Complete Analysis

Arthritis Profile

Anti Nuclear AB(ANA) A.S.O C.R.P R.A.Factor Uric Acid E.S.R Vitamin D3

Coagulation Profile

B.T./C.T Prothrombin Time(PT) APTT Platelet Count

Diabetic Profile

Blood Sugar(F/PP) HB A1C Blood Urea Sr. Creatinine Lipid Profile Urine Microalbuminuria Spot Urine Complet Analysis

Cardiac Profile

CK-NAC CPK-MB S.G.O.T S.G.P.T LDH Lipid Profile Troponin-I/T

Cancer Profile(Male)

Complete Blood Count Alpha Fetoprotein CEA BETA HCG PSA Free PSA CA-19.0(Intestine)

Chronic Fever

Complete Blood Count MP BY CARD/Widal Mantolix Test S.G.O.T./S.G.P.T. Leptospira Blood Culture Dengue C.R.P Urine Complete and Culture

Women Health

Complete Blood Count Liver Function Test Blood Group Urea/Creatinine Throid Function Test Blood Sugar HB A1C Lipid Profile Uric Acid

Fertility Profile

Blood Test

Child Health

Complete Blood Count Blood Group and Rh Type X ray Chest Pa view Smear Study Mantoux Test Stool Analysis Urine Complete TSH Hbs AG

Diagnostic Facilities

Hematology Bio Chemistry Histopathology Microbiology Immunology Molecular Genetics

Breast Cancer

Complete Blood Count CA-15.3 CEA

Blood Test

Blood Test


HLA Typing CDC Cross Match Donor Specific antibody(DSA) PRA and LSA

Next Generation Sequence

DNA/RNA Seq. Exome Seq. Trnasciptome Seq. Whole Genome Seq. Metagenomics


Xray Ultrasound Color Doppler ECHO-ECG Mammography MRI

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